December 30 2022
Insulation Material Suppliers Dubai

5 Most Common Thermal Insulation Materials

Insulation is crucial for every property, be it a residential or commercial property. Until and unless you are working on insulating the property, you can never reduce the energy bills, have a peaceful ambiance inside, or make the building resistant to fire. Usually, insulation is done in different ways, like foam insulation, material insulation, vacuum insulation, and many more.

Before doing so, you must understand the different materials with which you can insulate the property. These materials depend on the level and type of insulation you want, the insulating area, and many more. To render more knowledge, we have discussed the five best materials you will find with most insulation material suppliers in Dubai.

Insulation Material Suppliers Dubai

Fiberglass or glass wool insulation

The first type of insulating material that you can use for the construction project is fiberglass or glass wool. It is usually a blend of different fibers mixed with a potent binding agent, like the resin. When the resin hardens, it solidifies the fibers, giving a robust and rigid structure. The material will be sprayed as foam if you have any wall cavities or gaps between the ceiling and the false roof. But if it comes to floors and flat walls, the fiberglass bundles are joined together to form the sheets or rolls. Being one of the cheapest products, you will find this with most of the insulation material suppliers in Dubai.

Insulation Material Suppliers Dubai

Polyisocyanurate insulation

Another great option you will have is Polyisocyanurate. You will find it in different forms, including liquid, foam, and rigid solid structures. You need to choose the proper form based on the part of the property you want to insulate. Since it is a polymer, you do need to consider the longevity and durability of the material. Its insulation property comes from the fact that the interior cells are closely packed, which is why it can resist moisture and heat exchange.

Polystyrene insulation

Polystyrene is a polymer that is formed into rigid sheets with the application of high pressure. Since it is pretty tough, it can efficiently insulate floors and roofs. In addition, you can also get the material in small beaded form. If you want to go with this particular form, check if the beads, when molten, can solidify quickly and transform into a rigid foam bed. There are two types of polystyrene insulating materials, classified based on the process in which it is manufactured. These types are extracted, and extruded polystyrene, and out of these two, the extruded polystyrene is chosen the most, owing to its reduced carbon footprint.

Insulation Material Suppliers Dubai

Mineral wool insulation

Also considered one of the most rigid materials, most insulation material suppliers in Dubai provide the highest quality mineral wood. It is mainly manufactured from the waste products you can get from the industries and manufacturing units. Since it is made from a combination of multiple materials that are otherwise wasted, it is cheaper and eco-friendlier. Plus, it can last long, ensuring you feel more comfortable and cozier in your house.

Reflective insulation

Lastly, you will also get reflective insulation, where a metal sheet with a polished surface is installed outside the property. Due to the presence of a reflective surface, it can quickly reflect the radiant heat, thereby preventing heat exchange.


Based on the brief description above, you can choose a suitable material to insulate the interiors thermally. However, ensure you get the products from one of the best reliable, and trustworthy insulation material suppliers in Dubai. Lijan Group will be with you every step of the way. To buy high-quality insulating material, contact us today!