Are you tired of relying on artificial lighting that consumes electricity and adds to your monthly bills? Do you want to embrace the power of natural light to illuminate your space while contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly environment? Look no further! Lijan Group proudly presents the revolutionary tubular skylight in Dubai, the ultimate solution for harnessing the brilliance of natural daylight in Dubai.

tubular skylight in Dubai

Experience the Future of Illumination With Lillybright Solar Tube Lights Dubai

The Solar Sky Tube, designed to meet the growing daylight demands of modern buildings, stands as a shining example of innovation aligned with Dubai’s sustainable and zero-carbon initiative. Our eco-friendly system, crafted by Chatron Ltd. (EU), captures natural light and guides it through a specially coated, highly reflective tube, minimizing dispersion and maximizing luminosity.

Prismatic Dome for Enhanced Light Gathering

The heart of the Solar Sky Tube is its prismatic dome, constructed from high-impact-strength polycarbonate material. This innovative design enhances light gathering and effectively filters out harmful UV rays, redirecting them to the reflective tube. Light behaves like a mirror inside the tube, reflecting multiple times before diffusing into your space through the bottom diffuser.

Tailored for Every Roof

Are you worried about compatibility with your roof? Fear not! The Solar Sky Tube has a customized, profiled, powder-coated roof curb that seamlessly adapts to any roof type. Leak-proof and rust-proof, our skylights are engineered for durability.

Versatile Applications

We have successfully installed Solar Sky Tubes in diverse settings, including warehouses, factories, gyms, sports stadiums, supermarkets, greenhouses, and schools. These installations have reduced electricity consumption and created a cleaner, greener world.

tubular skylight in Dubai

The Bright Advantages of Tubular Skylight in Dubai

Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective: With no electricity consumption or operational costs, our Solar Sky Tube guarantees substantial savings in the long run. Say goodbye to hefty electricity bills!

Pure Natural Light: Thanks to our innovative design, experience the beauty of natural daylight indoors without any heat transfer with natural light tubular skylights in Dubai.

Healthier Living Spaces: Our skylights cut UV rays, reduce vitamin D deficiency, lessen eye strain, and promote creativity, making them a popular choice for prominent schools and health-conscious individuals.

Eco-Friendly and Net Zero Carbon Emissions: By embracing Solar Sky Tubes, you’re taking a giant leap towards reducing your carbon footprint and preserving the environment.

Versatile Installation: These skylights can be installed anywhere on your roof, making them a flexible and practical lighting solution.

Significant Electricity Savings: Compared to other skylights, our tubular skylights can lead to a temperature drop of up to 4 degrees Celsius, translating into substantial electricity savings in air-conditioned areas.

Ideal for Domestic Use: Transform your villa into a well-lit haven with Solar Sky Tubes. Enjoy the benefits of natural light in the comfort of your home.

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