Our wind driven Green Roof ventilators are totally weather-proof, dust and leak proof. They can withstand extreme climatic conditions and high wind velocities. These ventilators are rigid, light in weight & can be mounted on any existing industrial roof without disturbing the original structure.



  • More comfortable summer: Turbo ventilators replace super heated attic air with fresh air lowering roof space temperature considerably, in turn reducing the amount of heat radiating into working areas.
  • Improves working conditions and increases productivity.
  • Zero power consumption and operational costs.
  • Assured ventilators 24 hours/ 365 days.
  • Eco friendly
  • Unique maintenance free design: The dynamically balanced aluminium vane design and construction without bearings prevent wear and tear.
  • Easy installation
  •  Dispels foul smell and maintains hygienic conditions.
  • No accidental hazards arising from short circuits and electrical shocks.
  • Silent operations.


  • Turbo Roof Ventilators consists of a turbine, adaptor and base. The turbine in turn is a sheath of vanes fixed around an axis which starts spinning at the slightest breeze thereby inducing air flow by centrifugal action.
  • The centrifugal force developed inside by spinning of wind creates a region of low pressure within the turbine thereby drawing out air from the roof space.
  • Air expelled is continuously replaced by fresh air from outside.
  • Low velocity wind maintains the centripetal force required for the turbine to remain in motion and thereby ensure suction.

The ventilators are available in both Aluminium and Stainless Steel versions. Our unique Aluminium vane design loaded on special grade steel pins without bearings, prevent wear and tear while in rotation. The customer has a choice of either Steel or Fiberglass for the base frame. Powder coating in any shade to suit aesthetic needs is a value addition for the product thereby making it anti-corrosive.