The Solar Sky Tube, tailor made to meet day light requirements of the Middle East. It’s one of the most innovative products of the company that are in line with sustainable & clean energy initiative in the region.

The Solar Lights are effective to enhance natural illumination in in factories, warehouses, Industrial & commercial facilities. The Design & Manufacture of the product is by M/s CHATRON, PORTUGAL who are veterans in the field since 1993.

The Natural Solar Sky Tubes which is an eco-friendly system is designed to capture natural lights & directs through internally quoted with highly reflective material. There by minimizing the dispersion of the rays. This supply light to considerable distance without heat or cold transfer.

  • Zero Power Consumption.
  •  Complete natural Light.
  •  No Thermal transfer (Heat / Cold).
  •  Maintenance Free.
  •  Resistant to UV radiations.
  •  Highly Durable.
  •  Eco friendly.
  •  Compatible to all Roof types.
  • Home, Office & Factories
  •  Airports & Transportation Hubs
  •  Hospitals & Clinics
  •  Schools & Universities
  •  Indoor Stadiums & Sports Clubs
  •  Malls & Museums