The Wind Driven Ventilators enhances natural ventilation in factories, warehouses, Industrial & commercial facilities. Our Roof Ventilators are totally weather proof, dust & leak proof.

The Roof Ventilators consist of a turbine, adaptor and base. The turbine while spinning creates a region of low pressure within turbine there by drawing out air from the roof space. The ventilators have been deigned & manufactured by M/s ARTITH MACHINERY LTD, THAILAND who are the pioneers in the field of both industrial & domestic ventilation since 1984.

The natural Wind Driven ventilators are available in Aluminum & Stainless steel versions. Our Unique ventilators vanes are designed and loaded on special grade steel pins, without bearings that prevent wear and tear while in rotation.

The Customer has a choice of either G.I or Fiber glass for the base. Powder coating in any shade shall be provided to suit aesthetic needs as a value addition to the products there by making it anti-corrosive.

  • Assure a more comfortable atmosphere
  • Improves working conditions & productivity
  • Zero power consumption.
  • Eco friendly
  • Maintenance Free
  • Silent operation
  • No working hazards at all
  • Assured working 24 x 7
  •  Home, Office & Factories.
  • Airports & Transportation Hubs.
  • Hospitals & Clinics.
  • Schools & Universities.
  • Indoor Stadiums & Sports Clubs.
  • Malls & Museums.