We undertake all type of insulation projects for Marine, Industrial and Commercial sector. We offer turnkey solution from the Concept-Design-Engineering-Detailed Drawing-Expertise-Fabrication and Installation-commissioning.

We specialize in executing hot insulation and Jacketing for:


Fire rated/ A60 insulation for Bulkheads/Deck heads on Jack up Rigs
Engine exhaust pipes for Oil Rigs
Chemical Reactors
Boiler and associated pipes
Refineries and Petrochemical plants
Power and Desalination plants
Oil and Gas upstream-Offshore and On shore application


We work with all type of Insulation material like Rockwool/Calcium Silicate/Ceramic Fiber etc and Jacketing material like Aluminium/Alloy metal/Stainless steel, using local/International certified material.

Lijan Group, the torchbearer of excellence in the world of insulation and cladding, has been at the forefront of innovation and professionalism since its establishment in 2004. With our headquarters in the heart of Dubai, UAE. We have emerged as a trusted name in the industry. We are not just a company but a professional team with extensive expertise among insulation and cladding companies in Dubai

At Lijan Group, our unwavering commitment to Environmental, Health, and Safety standards is a testament to our dedication to providing top-notch services to our clients. We execute our Industrial Insulation and climatization projects precisely and efficiently, adhering to the highest international standards, making us one of the best insulation and cladding companies in Dubai.

Our Expertise

Thermal Industrial Insulation

Being one of the most renowned insulation companies in Dubai, we are your go-to experts for all things related to thermal industrial insulation. Our portfolio includes a wide range of services.

Fire-rated Insulation for Bulkheads and Deck Heads on Jack-up Rigs: Protecting your assets in high-risk environments is our forte.

Engine Exhaust Pipes for Oil Rigs: Ensuring the smooth operation of your oil rig with our insulation solutions.

Chemical Reactors: We provide insulation solutions to safeguard critical equipment.

Boilers and Associated Pipes: Efficiently insulating boiler systems for enhanced performance.

Refineries and Petrochemical Plants: Count on us for insulation in demanding environments.

Power and Desalination Plants: We ensure optimal insulation to enhance energy efficiency.

Thermal Jacketing Solutions: Effective solutions for temperature control.

Hot/Cold Insulations: We have solutions for extreme heat and chilling cold.

TES Tanks and Data Center Projects: Thermal energy storage tank insulation for critical facilities.

Oil and Gas Upstream: Offshore and Onshore Application: Protecting your assets in the oil and gas industry.

Cladding Solutions

Cladding is the art of covering insulated areas, and we excel in this specialized field. We offer cladding solutions for various materials, including stainless steel for refineries and rigs and aluminum or GI for diverse applications. Our expertise extends to working in elevated areas, ensuring your project’s safety and success. We are also a top rockwool insulation material supplier in Dubai and a calcium silicate insulation supplier in Dubai.

Our Commitment to the Environment – One of the Trusted Insulation and Cladding Companies in Dubai

At Lijan Group, we don’t just stop at delivering exceptional insulation and cladding solutions; we are also committed to promoting a clean and green environment. We understand that climate change is real, and we play our part by providing eco-friendly insulation solutions that protect your assets and contribute to a sustainable future.

Trust Lijan Group as the best among insulation and cladding contractors in Dubai. With our years of experience, commitment to excellence, and dedication to environmental responsibility, we are your reliable partner in creating a safer, more efficient, and sustainable future. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover the Lijan Group difference.