Lijan Group is associating with world’s leading German SS chimney manufacture’s for all matters concerning stainless-steel chimney and exhaust systems from smaller Commercial installations to larger industrial applications.

This Twin wall Insulated stainless steel flue systems are specially designed for High Temperatures, High pressures and condensing applications. This replaces conventional Carbon/Black steel, Insulation and cladding services to single twin wall system without welding. Its main characteristic is that no sealing is used. But a permanent connection is established through a metal to metal joint without any gasket, a so called conical push fit connection system.


  • Simple open ended push fit jointing system, secured by locking band.
  • No thermal bridge between inner and outer steel case.
  • 4 Hour fire rated
  • This double wall system comes are known for ease of Handling as it comes in 1m length pieces and replaces heavy welded carbon steel pipes.
  • The connection between components is conical and metal without flanges and gaskets.
  • Joint security protected by locking band.
  • Exhaust pipes are insulated by high density mineral wool of 120kg/m3
  • Suitable for continuous flue gas operating temperature of 600 Deg C and can achieve 1050 deg C.
  • No heavy lifting Tackle required
  • No on site welding.
  • Long life and Guaranteed system


  • Generator Exhaust
  • Combined Heat and power Exhaust
  • Smoke, Waste gas and Kitchen extract
  • Fire rated ducting and Laundry chutes
  • Boilers and incinerators
  • Drying Owens and Food processing plants.