November 10 2022
Green Roof Ventilators Dubai

How Do Green Roof Ventilators Work, And Its Benefits?

Ventilation is essential for all types of properties. Usually, the doors, windows, and other outlets serve the purpose of ventilation in a room or a closed space. However, nowadays, people install special ventilators on their roofs to ensure the entire property can become more energy-efficient. One such element is the green roof ventilators.

When the rooms are closed, or you haven’t opened the windows and doors for a long time, there will be a pungent smell inside. Getting rid of that odor and the room’s humidity is not easy. And you certainly cannot do so by simply keeping the doors and windows open. This is where the concept of green roof ventilators in Dubai comes into play.

Green Roof Ventilators Dubai

What are green roof ventilators, and how do they look?

A green roof ventilator is a rotating turbine/impeller made of Aluminium, resting on a profiled roof kerb with an adaptor. This impeller pivoted on a pin and rotate in the wind. It extracts hot air and throws it out through vanes. It can be installed on any part of the roof.

The products are usually made from stainless steel or aluminum. Both are pretty durable, last for a long time, and sustain the onslaught of weather conditions. In addition, they won’t form rust or suffer from other types of corrosive damage. This is why perhaps roof ventilators have become so popular in Dubai.

How do green roof ventilators work?

These wind-driven roof ventilators are working on the turbine principle. While rotating the turbine, reduces air pressure inside the ventilator. The hot air which is light in weight stacks underneath the roof and comes inside this low-pressure area. The ventilator extracts hot air from the facility and while moving out pushes the vanes and enhances the rotation. This process continues for 24 x 7 without Electricity. The green roof ventilators in Dubai proved to be more effective even in the dry hot summer.

What are the benefits of having green roof ventilators?

There are many reasons why green roof ventilators have become so famous and preferred. The following section lists some of the significant benefits of getting these ventilators for your house.

  1. The ventilator can easily extract the hot and humid air inside the house, thereby improving the temperature and keeping the interiors cold. Therefore, you can use the air conditioners for a short time.
  2. Since the ventilators are made from stainless steel, they are rust-proof and don’t succumb to mechanical abrasions and weather corrosion.
  3. It can remove pollutants, smoke, soot, and other materials from the interiors, making the air cleaner and better for respiratory health.
  4. Another significant advantage of the green roof ventilator is that it doesn’t need any external power connection because the blades are wind-driven.


Now that you are aware of the benefits of installing green roof ventilators in Dubai, you won’t have any further problems in deciding if your property needs them at all or not. Your job will be to choose the perfect product, get in touch with a professional, and start the installation process. Rest assured, the performance of the green roof ventilators will remain unmatched, thanks to their unique designs. Lijan Group has experts that can help you with this installation, contact us today!