December 08 2022
Calcium Silicate Insulation Suppliers Dubai

Pros and cons of using calcium silicate insulation in your project

Often equipment and machinery units used in high-heat areas need to be insulated. There are two reasons primarily for which insulation is done. First, insulation prevents heat escaping and maintains the temperature inside at optimal levels. On the other hand, it also prevents any accidents in controlled environments. Therefore, it is crucial to use the right insulator for your project, especially the ones related to pipes, flat surfaces, and empty spaces.

There are many insulating solutions used in the market. But calcium silicate, also known as calsi, has created hype in several industries. It has a plethora of benefits over other types of insulation, which is why using it is crucial. Before you connect with the best calcium silicate insulation suppliers in Dubai, it would be better to know about the benefits and risks of the same.

Why should you use calcium silicate insulation for your project?

The first thing one needs to learn is the reason for using the calcium silicate insulators in your project. This way, you will identify why modern-day projects usually prefer this particular form of insulation and not the other way around.

Calcium Silicate Insulation Suppliers Dubai

  1. Heat resistance: One of the many reasons why calcium silicate insulators are used across different industries is their ability to withstand high amounts of heat. No matter how much heat the equipment is meant to handle, the insulating material won’t melt or form cracks due to prolonged exposure to the heat.
  2. Longer lifetime: There is no doubt that insulators have a longer life than others. This is why you will find the calcium silicate insulator suppliers in Dubai in abundance, owing to the high demand for the material.
  3. Versatile application: The calcium silicate insulator is not just limited to covering the equipment and machinery parts used for high-heat applications. Instead, the material is also used in construction projects as the outer wall insulator since it can withstand the high heat of the sun’s rays.
  4. Comes in three forms: You will find the calsi insulators in three forms, ensuring you can use them according to the suitability of the projects. For instance, if you use the insulator for pipes, you can get the ones shaped like pipes. On the other hand, for insulation wall cladding, the flat plates of calsi sound more feasible.

What are the drawbacks of using calcium silicate insulation in your project?

Now that you have understood the advantages of using the calsi insulators let’s look at the material’s cons or drawbacks.

  1. The installation and replacement processes are quite complicated. Therefore, for small areas, it is better not to go for the calsi.
  2. Usually, the cost of calcium silicate insulators is quite high compared to other types of insulating material. This is why it’s used in high-end projects.
  3. You will have to give enough time so that the calcium silicate insulator suppliers in Dubai customize the pieces per your project’s design requirement.


Now that we have established the pros and cons of the calsi insulating material, it’s time for you to start your hunt for the best calcium silicate insulator suppliers in Dubai. Ensure to collaborate with the best and most popular supplier to avoid complications with the product, its performance, and its lifetime.