November 10 2022

Tubular Skylight Vs Sun Tunnel

Take the example of the open balconies since they allow sunlight into the room which is very good for human health.  Similarly having a natural ventilation structure in the room will help to remove foul odor and smell from the air and make it safer for breathing. It has been found that sun Light shall be used for 90% of the daytime requirement.

People usually have to choose between two structures to allow natural light to enter a room. These are skylights and sun tunnels. Although both allow light to enter the house, they have considerable differences, so one should always be very sure about the structure one wants. In the following section, we have explained the difference between Tubular skylight Dubai and sun tunnels to help you make your choice without any mistakes.

What is a Tubular skylight? What are sun tunnels?

Tubular Skylight Dubai, are rectangular or square-shaped windows constructed in the slanting part of the roof. Industrial skylights are made of Polycarbonate which has high impact strength. These skylights are double-skinned. The upper skin is a light collector and the bottom skin is one light diffuser. Skylight double skin structure with an air gap reduces the temperature inside the facility.

Sun Tunnel is a cylindrical structure that usually comes with a prismatic Dome, a highly reflective aluminum tube, and a light diffuser. The dome and light diffuser is made of polycarbonate.  So it can transmit light through this tube up to 15 meters and reach the required location.

Where should you have Sun Tunnels?

The sun tunnels are usually used in residential areas like Kitchen, Bathrooms, launch, and dining rooms where we can avoid artificial light in the daytime. It can also be used in Industrial and commercial applications like air-conditioned warehouses, auditoriums, and sports halls.

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