January 31 2023
Tubular skylight dubai

Tubular Skylights Pros & Cons

Having a skylight is so wonderful, isn’t it?

You can enjoy the ambiance as natural light floods into the room and even get closer to nature, especially if you live in an area surrounded by trees. But not all roofs can have the direct slanting skylight you are accustomed to in most houses. For instance, if there is enough distance between the ceiling and the outer roof or the roof has a slanting position, but the ceiling is flat, you cannot go for the traditional skylights.

In such cases, you require a tubular skylight Dubai. It has a dome-shaped transparent cover on the roof’s external surface and a tubular column connecting the roof and the ceiling. Another opening will be in the ceiling through which light rays can enter. The tubular skylight often resembles a periscope, which is why light suffers multiple scattering and easily floods a small space.

But before you install one, let’s look at the tubular skylight’s advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of installing the tubular skylight

  1. Better for irregular ceiling and roof: One of the major advantages of installing the tubular skylight is you don’t have to worry about the ceiling and roofing structures. A tubular skylight is the best option if your house has a slanting roof but a flat ceiling.
  2. More illumination: The traditional skylight allows direct sunlight to pass through, but sometimes, the illumination is not so great. But on the other hand, a tubular skylight allows maximum sunlight to pass through and offers greater illumination, thanks to the tubular column structure.
  3. Ideal for smaller areas: When you want to add a skylight in the hallways or the kitchen where the ceiling and roof don’t have enough space, it can be difficult. This is where the tubular skylight Dubai sounds like an amazing option since you won’t have to worry about the structure taking up too much space.  Tubular skylight dubai
  4. Maximum safety: In the case of a traditional flat skylight, there are chances of water leakage during the rainy season. But since the tubular skylight will have a dome-shaped structure on the top, rainwater won’t leak or accumulate, thereby extending the overall lifetime.
  5. Less cost for installation: You don’t have to worry much about the higher installation cost. This is partly because fewer elements are needed to construct the entire skylight, and also, you can build the column during the property construction itself.
  6. Almost no maintenance: One of the major benefits of installing the tubular skylight is that it doesn’t need too much maintenance. Whether it is due to less rainwater accumulation or a small structure, having this form of skylight will be a life and time saver.

Drawbacks of installing the tubular skylight

Although the tubular skylight Dubai has many benefits, there are certain minus points also. For instance:

  1. No opening: You won’t be able to open the skylight, unlike the traditional one, especially if we consider its placement in the attic.
  2. No direct sky view: Unlike the traditional flatter skylight, the tubular ones won’t offer direct access to the sky. Therefore, it isn’t ideal for the stargazers.
  3. Blocking difficulties: Another drawback is that you won’t be able to block the sunlight until there is a solid cover situated underneath the skylight opening in the ceiling. Tubular skylight dubai


Since we have discussed everything you need to know about tubular skylight Dubai, you won’t have to worry about making the wrong decision. After all, you will be investing in the skylight installation, and a wrong decision will be regretful.